About Me

You may be wondering who I am and for good reason! Why should you believe the content of this blog if I didn’t? So, here’s a quick rundown.

Currently, I’m studying a degree in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, as well as interning every summer to develop the skills I learn at university in the workplace. My internships have primarily focused on Computer Security, particularly in the area of cloud, and have allowed me to take on exciting projects such as building internal testing tools,  developing proof of concepts or consulting on client’s cloud architectures.

I’m passionate about how technology can be used to connect people, as well as how it can be applied in organisations from governments to coffee shops. I thoroughly enjoy software development and seeing a project go from start to finish. In order to continue to push the boundaries, I’m constantly learning new technologies that can be of benefit to the project I’m working on.

Outside of academics and work, I take part in various other activities. At university, I’ve been a member of a number of committees and societies that I am passionate about or enjoy doing! I have sat on Committees such as The St Andrews Computer Science Society (AKA STACS) and Glitterball. I am also the current presiding school president of Computer Science.

As part of my work on the STACS committee I was responsible for organising hackathons, something which I find incredibly enjoyable due to the innovation that they encourage. It was also in my remit to run regular student development activities, where either a company from industry or one of our own students would teach students a new skill that is being used in the real world today that they wouldn’t otherwise learn in the school curriculum.

Glitterball is an annual LGBT+ inclusive formal ball held in St. Andrews and  was the first of its kind in the UK. It’s a fantastic event that gives a safe space and a place for people to feel celebrated, regardless of who they are. My role on this committee covered marketing, operations and entertainment and I’m committed to ensuring that everyone enjoys the event.

My academic grounding in computer science, coupled with my work-place experience and extra-curricular activities, has allowed me to develop professionally to an extent that even surprises myself! I’ve learned and accomplished things I once would have never thought possible, and I’m looking to continue this into the future. So keep reading to see how it all goes!

– Seamus